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Dogs in the office

We like dogs, in fact we love them!

All of our offices are dog friendly, even though we have rules to keep, especially out of respect for the rest. If your dog can behave while you are here, why would you leave him at home?

And why taking the dog to the office? Here are some of the many benefits proven by studies:

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress: and not only from their owners, but also from the rest.

  2. Helps regulating blood pressure (by stroking it).

  3. Encourage creativity.

  4. It fosters a good relationship between colleagues in the office.

  5. Greater job satisfaction, which can be translated into higher productivity.

  6. Less expenses for the dog's owner -which surely makes him even happier- since the walker, daycare, etc. are saved.

But obviously, not everyone likes dogs and, as mentioned; we need to make sure that everybody is fine with that - also your dog. So, here you have some recommendations if you are thinking of going to a shared space with your pooch:

1. Ask in the office before if there was someone with fear of dogs, allergic, etc.

2. Check the environment in which your dog will be to avoid dangers (poisonous plants, objects that can be pricked, etc.)

3. Think about your dog first of all: if your dog is shy or does not like to be in new places ... it would not be advisable to take him suddenly to a large office full of people.

4. Prepare a bag with your things: sweets, a bowl of water/food, toys, bed or blanket

5. Think about your schedules and when you can get him to do his things to avoid an emergency in the middle of a meeting.

6. Don't force anyone to play or be with your dog.

7. Keep your dog' space clean and hair/toys/etc free ones you leave the office.

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